Here is where the home is


Here we are – after a small blip (only 8 months) where we decided to move to London after finishing VERVE and then the wedding. Oska worked as an apprentice for the Hofesh Schechter Dance company and I worked for them and Waterstones and the National Portrait Gallery, through which I met some wonderful people but most importantly, probably, learned that London was not the place for us. Now, having moved yet again (exhausting) we find ourselves in sunny Devon. In the smallest village of Buckfastleigh where there is one of each shop and people actually refer to you as ‘my lover’ (still getting used to that one). I now work part time for the Exeter Northcott Theatre. The drive there and back is largely welcomed as a change from the underground rush hour of The Big Smoke. I am now in the process of looking for other part time work to shake things up a bit. Perhaps I will go back to dancing. I’m thinking about teaching and what it is that I’d like to create. I will admit that I worry about finances but am pretty confident that, over time, everything will slot into place. Until then – It can’t be that bad…



The End

So yesterday was our final performance of VERVE and we certainly went out with a bang. With a full house and emotions running high the last performance at the Riley Theatre is one that I’ll always remember and treasure. All things come to an end and it’s certainly bittersweet but the ending crept up on me so quickly so I’m still processing it all. I’m ready to move on but it has been great; spending time with great people, forming friendships through tough times as well as the funny ones means that I belong to a group of people that were part of something big and it played a part in who I am now. I’ll always be grateful for each of them being there. But now it’s time to put dance on hold for our move to London, wedding and interviews for a variety of jobs. I’ve been battling with how I feel about a career in dance for a long time but this isn’t the end for me because I secretly love it. Peace!

verve last day




Our last stop on the VERVE country tour was Switzerland. The land of hills. By the end of the week I was more than happy to return to the flatness of England soil! After an outdoor walking and running piece combined with the hills my feet were more painful that I have ever known. We had full days of dancing which didn’t leave much time for relaxing or seeing the sights of Lausanne so in the evenings we either hung out with the other companies (The Bodhi Project and Edge) or let loose by walking and swimming by the beautiful lake that opposes France. We were also joined by my brother Jams for the weekend which was awesome and was a great excuse to get out and experience Lausanne in the sun and  downpours. Switzerland signals that we’re nearing the end of the VERVE year but we still have four more performances. The 3rd of July is coming round quicker than I anticipated…




Oh, what happiness!

As a massive fan of the Moomin stories written by Tove Janesson I was delighted when my boyfriend sent me this article of the Moonmin’s top ten quotes…

Today we revel in Jansson’s unique voice as a writer and illustrator with our favourite quotations!

“There’s no need to imagine that you’re a wondrous beauty, because that’s what you are.” (Moominsummer Madness)

“I do not understand why the heroine in the book is always prettier than the one at home.” (Tales from Moominvalley)

“That’s most extraordinary, but I’m so used to your doing extraordinary things that nothing surprises me. Besides I’m feeling melancholy just now.” (Finn Family Moomintroll)

“They were indescribably beautiful, and they seemed to be aware of it. They danced coquettishly, freely and openly, for themselves, for each other, for the island, for the sea – it seemed to be all the same to them.(Moominpappa at Sea)

“I had now found my first friend, and so my life was truly begun.” (The Exploits of Moominpappa)

“But one needs a change sometimes. We take everything too much for granted, including each other.” (Moominpappa at Sea)

“One has to discover everything for oneself. And get over it all alone.” (Moominland Midwinter)

“I have every respect for your deductions, but you are wrong, completely and absolutely, and without any doubt.”
(Finn Family Moomintroll)

“You must go on a long journey before you can really find out how wonderful home is.” (Comet in Moominland)

Our final quotation isn’t from the Moomins, but was too wonderful to leave out!

“The thing about God, she thought, is that He usually does help, but not until you’ve made an effort on your own.” (The Summer Book)

I adore the Moomins and will always remember their wise words. Thank you Tove.

Royal Opera House


On Tuesday night VERVE performed at the Linbury Theatre at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. Probably the grandest theatre we have performed at so far, which was a treat and a huge change from some of the other venues we have seen. It all went by too quickly and before long the performance was over and we were in the pub across the road discussing how it went with our friends and family. It went well enough but didn’t feel as prestigious as I thought it might. Perhaps we lacked a bit of excitement but then we have performed this programme 15 time now. I for one am feeling exhausted with all the travelling and late theatre nights but still having fun. We’re off to Lausanne in Switzerland on Monday for a week which I’m really looking forward to… only about 4 performances left…


The Place Performance


the place


I think we can admit that we were all very nervous for our performance at The Place Theatre as we knew there would be a much bigger audience than we’ve been used to lately and it would be mostly made up of dancers. I think it’s good to have a few nerves before a show and it certainly mixed things up a bit. For me it felt like it was a really great show. I felt ready for it and had a lot of fun performing that night. We felt like a company again and there was a lot of support from the audience. We each had family and friends watching and there was a lot of laughter through out the night. it’s great when there’s energy to bounce off and I think it lifted us higher.


I had a really great bank holiday weekend catching up with friends and trying to learn the routes of London, as I’m moving there for a few months after July. I even got to spend some much needed time in the allotment with Oska. We have assessments this week and then off to London again for the Royal Opera House on Tuesday.